Games Night 22nd May 2018

A very warm welcome to LP who found us through this website.
LP arrived fashionably early and so we had a quick game of:

by White Wizard Games
LP quickly developed his strength and hammered MC, but MC had invested heavily in the Trade Federation and was able to regenerate a lot of authority.

In the end MC was victorious dealing a solid 23 point blow to LP.

With all players now present we played:

by FryxGames

This time we played as named corporations with:
KV being in charge of
LP was CO of
MC attempted to run
PH performed as head honcho of

This time round, it appeared that being able to breath was the highest priority with the Oxygen levels reaching 14% first.

Next up, Mars sported its ninth body of water.

Closely followed by a much warmer temperature.

Three Awards were funded: Thermalist (MC), Landlord (LP) and Miner (KV)
Three Milestones were claimed: Mayor (LP), Gardener (LP, and Builder (KV)

Final scores:
KV (Yellow): 56
LP (Blue): 73
MC (Red): 56
PH (Green): 54

Very well done LP!!!

2 thoughts on “Games Night 22nd May 2018

  1. If you want to play TF properly, you should play with 0 resource production in everything, playing with +1 is like easy mode. Also drafting is a must if not you get players with OP cards, and maximises player interaction.

    • Thanks for the handy tips. Hopefully now that most of us have played it we can explore better ways of playing. Since the last game I’ve shuffled in the Corporate Era cards ready for the next time.

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