Games Night 10th July 2018

Three of us again this week.
This time we kicked off with a good ol’ oldie:

by Ravensburger
Not one that has been played for a fair wee while (over three years).
A new one to KV so we brought him up to speed with the rules as well as reacquaint ourselves with them too.
And with that, buildings were build, plantations and quarrys were planted and quarried and colonists were put to work.

The final scores:
KV: 41
MC: 44
PH: 42

A victory for MC!

Next up we played:

by Bombyx
We weren’t brave enough to play with the two new expansions, so we played the vanilla game.
We even had some assistance from the cat, Quinny, (short for Quinlan Vos).

KV managed to acquire quite the number of pearls, while MC seemed to encounter in inordinate about of monsters while diving.

KV acquired the 7 lords, thus bringing the game to a close.
The final scores:

Player KV MC PH
Locations VPs 34 10 19
Lord VPs 38 38 43
Affiliate VPs 10 19 15
Monster VPs 0 12 0
Total score 82 79 77

Well done KV, master of the Abyss.

Games Night 3rd July 2018

Three of us again this week.
This time we played HG’s new game:

by Libellud

Being a new one top us, this took a little bit of rule reading, but we got the hang of it.

As to be expected with game such as this, many dice were rolled. This meant I had a good excuse to use this beauty from Geeknson:

At the end the game ended.
Here are the final scores:
HG: 68
MC: 151
PH: 129
Huzzahs for MC!!

HG the bowed out leaving PH and MC to have a game of

by White Wizard Games.

The end result was:
MC: 59
PH: -9

A successful evening for MC!

Games Night 26th June 2018

This week three of us played:

by by by Fryx Games
This time we played on the blue Hellas side of the new board.

DA played as:
MC played as:
PH played as:

PH was very prepared this time and his used his 3D printer to produce these production counter trays to keep his cubes steady:

And a very nice job they did for him too.
Too bad DA didn’t have a set, he knocked his board.

Mars was soon Terraformed, though nobody cared too much about Venus this time.

The Milestones achieved were:
The Tactician: MC
The Polar Explorer: MC
The Energizer: PH

The Awards achieved were:
The Cultivator (backed by PH): 1st place: PH; 2nd place MC
The Space Baron (backed by DA): 1st place: DA & MC

Final scores:
DA (Blue): 67
MC (Red): 72
PH (Green): 80
Well done PH!!!