A brief history of the Meeple.

This is for day 5 of #Blogmas 2020

It is believed that Meeplekind long ago evolved from Pawandertals (which, in turn, trace their origins from Countersaurus Tokenus).
The common meeple (as sung about in the popular song by Mulp) comes in a variety of colours and shapes and are often called: Thingummies, Doofers and rather crudely, Men.
Meeples have an odd relationship with numeracy.
A single Meeple should be a Meep, Mip or Merson. Two Meeples are a Muplet. Three or more are simply referred to as a hoard.
The Carcassonoid has been the more widely utilised of Meeplekind, but nowadays a greater representation of the Meeple Minorities have finally become the norm. From differing ‘man’ shapes and even animals and plants. Even their genetic material has diversified from wood-based to plastic-based.

Typically, the average Meeple likes nothing better than being placed as a worker and is so adaptable that they can take on any task. Purely by where they are placed, they can create dinosaurs, plough fields, assassinate other Meeples, or make more Meeples. With their task completed they instantly cease to be able to perform that task and enter a state of stasis called Supply. While in Supply they quietly suffer the indignity of being fondled and stacked on top of one another. Occasionally, they drop off the edge of the world and make a break for freedom in the fabled land of Under the Dresser where they live in bliss with three dice and a golf ball until being captured by the dreaded agency of the gods the Vacuum Cleaner.

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