The Denis gaming table by Geeknsonbl(click logo to check these guys out)
Here is the moment my new Denis table moved in.
1 Boxed
The delivery chaps made sure everything was accounted for and then skedaddled.
2 Unwrapped
There was a little assembly required, attaching the four legs which proved to be a little tricky. Each leg had two bolts which slotted into brackets on the table, but with very little room between the leg and the table to get the washers and nuts on. Fortunately, my wife has tiny hands, so that difficulty was soon overcome. Secondly, the whole thing is very heavy, so turning it was a challenge. In the end 2 small children were conscripted with the task of shoving chairs under the lifted table, giving us a pivot with which to turn it.
3 Built
Getting the baize up was also tricky, a real snug fit, but this we managed and underneath was the acrylic sheeting.
4 Under Beize
There’s this funky suction cup that comes with it, that allows you to lift it.
5 Lifting Plastic
When not gaming, this makes a fine dining table. The extra height makes children sit up straight.
6 With Top
Finally, there’s the snazzy lights.
7 Dark8 19 210 311 412 513 6
14 Blue15 Pink