Games Night 18th May 2017

KV came back for a second helping, so we must be doing something right.
This week we kicked off with
Five Tribes
played with the artisians and thieves expansions – not that the thieves are ever picked.
The game ended with no legal moves left.
Five Tribes
The Big Spender award went to KV for finishing up with only 4 coins.
The Scottish award went to MC for finishing up with the most money.
The Jafar award went to PH for having the most Yellow Viziers.
The Crafty award went to MC for having the most Purple Artisans. KV’s attempt to assassinate all MC’s Artisans was thwarted when MC summoned Boaz.
The Doddery Old Man award went to PH for having the most White Elders.
The Blistered Palm award went to MC for having the highest Djinn score.
The Calendar award went to KV for the most Palm Trees.
The Air Conditioning award went to PH for the most Palaces.
The You Bastard award went to MC for most Camel points.
The Happy Shopper award was shared by MC And KV for Artefacts acquired.
The Pokémon award for best card collection went to KV.

More importantly the final scores were:
KV (Pink): 119
MC (Blue): 176
PH (Black): 166

Huzzah for MC!

Next up we built up some
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Dice were rolled, ships were moved, energy was acquired and spent, actions were followed.
MC ended the game by acquiring his second 7-point planet.
Tiny Epic Galaxies
KV (Blue) scored 17
MC (Black) scored 22
PH (Green) scored 15

Huzzah again for MC!

We rounded off the evening with
Gloom: Cthulhu
To make it a fair game, KV and MC both mostly picked on PH.
Despite all that PH finished the game by playing the card that removed 1 living member from each family and having 4 dead already.

Final scores:
KV held the Story Card allowing him to count the living giving him -95 points.
MC had to dead family members, one being zeroed out leaving him the grand total of -60 points.
PH had all 4 dead and a score of -150 points.

Not a bad play there PH considering you had a large positive score for a while.

Games Night 20th October 2016

On this fine night our main game was

However we kicked off with a quick game of
Rumble in the House
End result of that was: EM-27; MC-28; PH-15
Huzzahs for MC!

So yeah, we had a go at Agricola.
Crops were grown, animals were birthed…and eaten.
End result of that was: EM-26; MC-26; PH-34.
Whoopi for PH!

With a bit of time left we had a run of
Death! Mayhem! More death! More mayahem! Less death! Feeling better! Feeling better! Argh! Death again!
End result:
EM: -215
MC: -125
PH: -115
Zippedy do for EM!

Games Night 6th October 2016

Thanks to my sterling recruitment and advertising skills, we have all of three players tonight.
The first game of the night was almost chosen at random.
MC (Yellow) and PM (Red) started off at a dead run, leaving PH (Green) all bemused at the start line. However, about 3/4 of the way round, MC came to a complete standstill leaving PM to cross the finish line and PH in second place.

After weeks of bringing it back and forth unplayed, we finally played PM’s:
PM dominated the King for most of the game, MC had it briefly before PM reclaimed it. However, with cunning use of the Assassin and Thief, MC was able to accumulate and safeguard funds enough to be the first to complete his Citadel with all coloured buildings including 3 purple buildings. Finishing with the Architect (Warmonger was Assassinated) also meant that no-one could do anything about it.

Playing Citadels
Final scores:
MC: 37
PH: 21
PM: 20
Yes, that’s right, MC finally won something.

With a bit of time left (mind you everyone scarped this time last week) we summoned forth:
Cthulhu Gloom
After accidentally shuffling in the families, the game quickly got under-way.
It wasn’t long before MC acquired a powerful trio of cards: An event card that discarded a played Untimely Death, a story card that allowed the free plays of event cards and a modifyer that allowed the drawing of cards to come from the discard pile. Needless to say, other players’ family members didn’t stay dead for long. Finally a remove all modifiers was played by PH nerfing MC’s control of a certain event card. MC responded by playing the event that removed one family member from each family from the game, allowing PM to accidentally dispose of the critical family member that would have allowed him to steal the story card off of MC
Playing Cthlhu Gloom
In the end it was PH who successful killed off his entire family, permanently.
Final scores:
MC: -155 with 3 dead
PH: -105 with 4 dead
PM: -150 with 3 dead
The smug award goes to MC.

Games Night 3rd March

The recent tale of tantalising terror saw murder most yucky when one member of a group of four house-breakers show their true intent with the bwa haa haa and other general other despicableness.
Professor Longfellow (played by AL), Peter Alimoto (PH) and Vivian Lopez (SC) started off exploring the ground floor while Darrin “Flash” Williams (MC) (so nicknamed due to the speed with which he scarpars after every ‘flash’) darted upstairs, found a delightful female companion and a nice big bed. The professor fell from one damaging disaster to the next before falling through the floor and ending up stuck in the basement. During the exploration, nothing of real note turned up before the haunting was activated by the hapless professor doing stuff he really should not have been.
Having explored as much of the house as they had, it was somewhat inexplicable that there had so far been no sign of the plethora of body parts and smell of overcooked meat that suddenly seemed to fill the house and nostrils (okay, there were the skeletons, but this is an old spooky house, it would be weird if there weren’t skeletons). There were only four rooms between the attic where 3 screaming victims were discovered and the, now bolted, front door. It should have been an easy task of freeing them. Unfortunately, with Vivian stuck in the basement with only magical lift that could only randomly move to anywhere… in the basement and a hoard of dirty cannibals (scenario 46) sitting in the dining room situated right next to the main hallway, things looked bleak.
Flash wasted no time and rushed downstairs to hold back the cannibals and give the victims their chance to run the gauntlet. The first altercation saw him lose the spear to thieving cannibal hands. Little Peter managed to get the door open and successfully flailed pathetically at the cannibals while Flash carried one victim to safety. With exceptional bravery, Flash darted back into danger to rescue a second victim, but not before the third victim fell to the brutal bites and spear thrusts of the cannibals. Once they were finished, there wasn’t much of anything left to rescue. Flash could have stayed outside with the victims, safe from the horrors of the house, but with little Peter and Vivian still stuck in the basement, futilely searching for non-existent stairs, he had to save them.
In he rushed, acquired a pistol and the cannibals then enjoyed feasting upon him and Peter. Vivian, running through a series of equally unhelpful rooms, including an underground lake, found herself facing-off against the evil Longfellow. Somehow, she overpowered the flesh-eating moron who became food to his posse of cannibals. Vivian dashed through a kitchen and into a dead end, appropriately the larder. It was here she met her grisly end.
Game Result: No winners. Hurrah for flesh eating cannibals, the girl who watched her companion get eaten and 2 victims who ran the wrong way and fell off a cliff.

Following this, we played a quick game of the newly-acquired
AL scored 16 points first. Well done.

Finally we played
Some effort was made to keep to the storytelling aspect of the game, but it soon just became a case of mucking it up for everyone else. 1 reshuffled deck later PH finally killed off the last of his family members leaving the final score as:
Adam -155 with 3 dead but had just stolen the story card from MC which allowed living characters to score.
PH -120 with all 4 dead
MC -75 with 2 dead, but was counting on the recently nicked aforementioned story card.
SC -20 with only one dead.
Player of the evening: AL for being a backstabbing and then eating baddie who fell foul to his own minions and then won both the following filler games.

Games Night 28th January

With PH replying only to PM’s email to the group that he was intending to attend and MC only knew of PM’s sign up and dismissed the event, PH and PM turned up anyway with The Castles of Burgundy and Power Grid. PM assures us that we can get Castles done in an hour and so should also fit Power Grid into the evening.
So The Castles of Burgundy it was.

The Castles Of Burgundy
We each chose our boards, more or less at random, MC (Blue) picked the one with the Knowledge circle in the middle because it looked nice. PH (Green) shot into an early lead (his board was the one with the 7-tiled city in the middle). He then went on to gain all 3 mines first and complet the central city, giving him a massive lead.
MC completed the Castles, and Knowledge first and a 5-tiled city which closed the gap. PM (Red) also scored via shipping and trades.
The game ended with PM trailing and MC and PH vying for first place. On the scoring track PH was still ahead with MC in a strong second.
At final scoring both PH and MC had a lot of points from Workers, Silverlings and Unsold Goods each, (PM had all of 4 points). However, it was MC’s bonus points that pushed him into first place. PM’s pushed him into 200+ meaning he could turn over his lap marker.
Final scores: PM-212; PH-245; MC-254
Game time: Nearly 2 hours.
With little time left to play Power Grid, MC fetched the ever popular Cthulhu Gloom.
MC was the first to bump off a family member, using a sneaky Untimely Death as a free play Event. PM assumed that the Modifiers with the pictures in the middle were also Untimely Deaths and so, at about ¾ of the way through the game, suddenly realised that only 2, instead of 4 of his family members had snuffed it.
In the end it was PH who shoved his last family member into an early grave. At this point MC noticed that PM had stolen back the Story he stole from PM who stole it from MC in the first place. This was the deciding factor for the final score.
The final score: PM-50; MC-135; PH-140
Congratulations PH!      -PM…Grrr!!!