Games Night 18th May 2017

KV came back for a second helping, so we must be doing something right.
This week we kicked off with
Five Tribes
played with the artisians and thieves expansions – not that the thieves are ever picked.
The game ended with no legal moves left.
Five Tribes
The Big Spender award went to KV for finishing up with only 4 coins.
The Scottish award went to MC for finishing up with the most money.
The Jafar award went to PH for having the most Yellow Viziers.
The Crafty award went to MC for having the most Purple Artisans. KV’s attempt to assassinate all MC’s Artisans was thwarted when MC summoned Boaz.
The Doddery Old Man award went to PH for having the most White Elders.
The Blistered Palm award went to MC for having the highest Djinn score.
The Calendar award went to KV for the most Palm Trees.
The Air Conditioning award went to PH for the most Palaces.
The You Bastard award went to MC for most Camel points.
The Happy Shopper award was shared by MC And KV for Artefacts acquired.
The Pokémon award for best card collection went to KV.

More importantly the final scores were:
KV (Pink): 119
MC (Blue): 176
PH (Black): 166

Huzzah for MC!

Next up we built up some
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Dice were rolled, ships were moved, energy was acquired and spent, actions were followed.
MC ended the game by acquiring his second 7-point planet.
Tiny Epic Galaxies
KV (Blue) scored 17
MC (Black) scored 22
PH (Green) scored 15

Huzzah again for MC!

We rounded off the evening with
Gloom: Cthulhu
To make it a fair game, KV and MC both mostly picked on PH.
Despite all that PH finished the game by playing the card that removed 1 living member from each family and having 4 dead already.

Final scores:
KV held the Story Card allowing him to count the living giving him -95 points.
MC had to dead family members, one being zeroed out leaving him the grand total of -60 points.
PH had all 4 dead and a score of -150 points.

Not a bad play there PH considering you had a large positive score for a while.

Games Night 29th September 2016

Despite the promise of a goodly number turning up, we had all of three in the end.
And what did we play?
We played:
Five Tribes
AL played as the orange camels
Black camels MC played as he did.
The camels that were blue were played by PH.

MC kicked off with the first move, netting three elders and the Djinn Boaz. More stuff happened after that which would not make wholly entertaining reading so we’ll jump to the scores after the obligatory photo at about six turns into the game:
Five Tribes and Artisans

AL: 183, dominated the rescource cards, Djinns Palm Trees and Artisans with 51, 26, 18 and 18 points
MC: 156, dominated the viziers with 27 points
PH: 161, dominated the camels and artifacts with 66 and 25 points.

Well done AL!

…and that was it, we must have been tired that night.

Games Night 14th January

Happy New Year everybody!
A huge welcome back to PC, who was able to join us for the first time in years.
Christmas having been and gone, two new games were introduced this evening.
First up was Five Tribes.
Five Tribes
MC was blue, PC chose orange, PH went for black, PM was left with pink. After MC explained the rules, play commenced with the gang for the most part getting the hang of the game by the fourth round. The game came to a close once there were no legal moves left.
Final scores:
PC – 78
PM – 106
PH – 145
MC – 153
Knowing there wouldn’t be time to get a full game in, we then embarked in 3 of the 5 phases of PM’s new game:
The Castles Of Burgundy
After PM explained the rules, gaming commenced and quickly everyone at least had some idea as to what they were supposed to be doing.
We halted the game at the conclusion of the third phase leaving MC the only player yet to reach 100 points, PH in third place, PM in second and PC maintaining his massive lead from phase two being in first place.
Both games were well received and will very likely make repeat appearances soon.