Games Night 18th August

This week AL had gotten ahold of some games and was keen to play them.
So we kicked off with:
Archer: Once You Go Blackmail...
AL’s first move was to play Ray Gilette to get MC to discard his card – Mallory Archer, so that was the end of MC for that round. SF and AL then Sterling Archered each other until SF correctly guessed AL’s card. Round 1 to SF!
Knocking out MC early
Round two saw MC get both the Dr. Krieger cards. As he was first player, he got to incorrectly guess the mystery card. Then correctly remember it on his next round. Round 2 to MC.
SF’s first move was to eliminate MC, so that was the end of MC for that round. MC’s strategy at this point was to be the first player, that way he get a look in. AL went on to win that round, somehow.
At this point PH arrived, so he was dealt in. A better game with 4 players. Instead of playing best of 5, we played best of 2 and SF won!!! Hurrah! SF has won something!
Next up:
Battlestar Galactica
Civilisations rose and fell. Stars were born. A decent DC movie got made. Finally, the game was set up and the rules had been gone over.
AL played as Gaius
MC was Admiral Adama
PH played President Laura Roslin
SF Did some piloting as Lt. Leeland Joseph Adama.
The loyalty cards were dealt out, and MC very quickly sussed who the Cylon was (correctly).
In the first jump, it took a long time to get jump-ready and Cylon ships were all over the place. Then we jumped a distance of 2 and everything was okay.
The second jump was quicker and saw a second Cylon mothership turn up. Then we jumped a distance of 1 and everything was okay.
Denis going for the Cylon look
The third jump saw many, many ships and the first boarding party. It almost got interesting when we lost our first civilian ship. Then we jumped a distance of 3 and everything was okay, except for the fact we started with Cylon ships and mothership.
The fourth jump saw the next loyalty cards get dealt out with AL announcing that he’s the sympathiser. To the brig with him, but not for long. MC points out AL’s having been a Cylon all along after trying to frame SF and attempting to run for presidency. After forcing an early jump he whizzed off to the birthing ship. Two more boarding parties invade the ship. Then we jumped a distance of 3 and everything was okay.
The final jumps saw not very much at all happen. No Cylon ships or anything really. AL played an extreme crisis to which we went ‘Meh’ and completed the final jump a little early. Thus the game was ended. AL was defeated and the humans won. Woo.
Player of the evening goes to SF for winning everything tonight!
AL, PH and SF all appear to have enjoyed this game. MC’s views on it were probably gleaned from this write-up. I’m informed that he’s appreciative for the opportunity to give this game a go.