Games Night 10th March

Tonight we played.

A great game of building trainlines and upgrading engines and getting shares and would bore you all to tears if I were to subject you to a play-by-play account.
In quick summery, then:
PH & MC vied for the East coast but with PH being before MC, PH reigned supreme. AL dominated the north, built a western link which did not much at all, and SC mucked about in the middle.
End result:
PH won very comfortably and with over 50 points was the only one whose score tracker reached the east side of the board. MC was 2nd, AL 3rd and SC finished in the top 5.
With a bit of time left we thought we’d try a quick game of.
After about 40 PH was finally eliminated and took the opportunity to go home to bed. MC was next to fall, leaving AL and SC to battle it out for another 20 minutes before AL finally became the victor.