Games Night 31st May 2018

This week the evening started a little earlier than planned with HG popping round for a quick 2-player game of

by Cryptozoic Entertainment
We’d had an impromptu couples of game previously and she defeated me in both games at 5 Last Wizards to 1.

This time, I gave no quarter and won the game undefeated.
By this time LP, KV and PH had arrived. HG bowed out and left us to play

by Rio Grande Games
We played on the German side of the map and quickly got busy bidding for power stations, purchasing fuels and building installations in cities.
KV got in an early lead, with MC dragging his heels at the back.

MC eventuality caught up, leaving LP in the dust, but had his awesome powerfulness cut out from under him at the last crucial moment by KV who deliberately and maliciously bought more barrels of oil than he needed leaving an insufficient amount on the shelf for MC to buy and power his epic power station. LP thought this was a hoot.

Final scores:
KV: 17 cities covered with 17 cities powered.
LP: 15 cities covered with 14 cities powered.
MC: 18 cities covered with 12 cities powered.
PC: 18 cities covered with 18 cities powered.
The winners award goes to PH for, erm, winning.
The Kaaaaaaaaahn!!! award goes to KV.
The Nelson Muntz award goes to PL for laughing at MC’s plight.


Games Night 11th February

A warm welcome to AL this evening.
Played the 2 most voted for games, both kindly provided by PH. Both games are new to AL.
Power Grid for starters.
A longer game tonight, as with the last time we played this, we quickly fell into the situation where the available power stations were not as good as the ones already acquired and many turns were spent waiting for phase 3. Meanwhile, a rules revelation where a blocked player can skip over a full city and pay the combined link costs on top of the usual placement costs made it easier for the players to fill the board. Unfortunately, this also resulted in a waiting game as all cities were occupied twice and the desperately needed phase 3 was a long time in coming.
In terms of cities, PM (red) was the first to reach 7 and lead most the way along with PH (green). MC (purple) and AL (yellow) were pretty much neck and neck, with MC having slighter better power stations. MC shot himself in the foot by beating the phase 3 rush and overbuilt in cities, pushing him to first player right when the game stagnated. Resources dried up considerably for him.
AL went for the moral victory at the turn of phase 3 and built into 19 cities but only powered 11. PM managed 16 cities and again only powered 11. PH went for the actual victory and ended up with 12 out of 20 cities being powered. Despite MC having stations in 22 cities, the lack of resources meant that only 7 were allowed power. That left 47% of the United States of America, without power. Hooray for PH!
It should be noted that an excessive use of calculators by AL and PH was implemented in this game.
As we were fast approaching 11pm and with work for all of us tomorrow, it was decided we would press on and play Dominion regardless.
No menu this time, just a bunch of cards that looked good.
Workshop, Spy, Moneylender, Garden, Militia,
Mine, Market, Festival, Laboratory, Adventurer
We quickly brought AL up to speed with the rules. And no, it’s nothing like a complicated version of Fluxx!
The Militias constantly thwarted AL’s attempt to do anything useful, MC was largely responsible for this. MC was the first to get a Province. The PH started buying gardens as though there was tomorrow – not that he could have done anything with them with no tomorrow…PM chose to end the game by taking the last Spy.
Final scores: AL – 18; MC – 18; PM – 27; PH – 27
Moneylender was rubbish in this set-up and not a single adventurer was bought. Spy, Militia and Garden were the depleted cards.
Player of the night goes to PH with 1 and a half wins