Games Night 16 November 2020

This is for day two of #Blogmas2020

Thanks to the existence of Board Game Arena a games night happened.
I was contacted out of the blue by members of the group when I was based in Bedford asking if I wanted to play a game. Naturally, I said yes so games we played, remotely.

Three of us this week: Malcolm, Paul & Phil
First up Phil introduced us to

from Restoration Games
We ended up playing two games of this. The first was on the main board and saw Paul and Malcolm fumbling about not really knowing what they were doing.

In the end, the final scores were:
Malcolm: 4
Paul: 11
Phil: 26

For round two, we played on the Danger Circuit board:

This time we all had a better idea of how to play this game, and the final scores were:
Malcolm: 11
Paul: 20
Phil: 6
It just goes to show what happens when you show someone else how to play a game you already know how to play…

With some time left we decided to play

from Libellud

Malcolm explained the rules this time.
Dice were rolled and picked, tokens were claimed and cards were played.

The final score:
Malcolm: 106
Paul: 165
Phil: 130

Well done Paul!

My Favourite Gaming Themes

Another #BlogMas 2019 blog, another list of stuff.
This time it’s my favourite themes in games
Here goes:

5. Zombies

This might be higher if I get to play more zombie games, but they’re a hit with me so far.

4. Fantasy

If nothing else, fantasy games are usually really quite stunning to look at. Good thing they’re great to play too.

3. Cthulhu

The great old ones must be appeased or they’ll come and take all our meeples away.

2. Dinosaurs

Slap a dinosaur on it, I’m game for a game.
1 Space
Cosmic Encounter
This is the clear winner. Actually, it’s almost impossible for me to resist a space game.

Games Night 25th May 2017

Three of us again this week, there are more of us I promise…
KV kindly supplied us with

KV (Sinestro) lead the way by buying up the first two Super Heroes pretty quickly (The Flash and Constantine).
MC (Lex Luthor) and PH (Harley Quinn) also managed to acquire a couple of Super Heroes each, but never really got to use them.

PH ended the game by buying the final Super Hero.
Final scores:
KV: 53
MC: 41
PH: 42

I think KV has played this one before…

Next up was

KV quickly shot up the score track while PH summoned spells with aplomb. MC initially didn’t appear to do much of anything.
The first year passed very quickly and MC decided to get a move on.
The second year passed a bit slower, which was a nice break for everyone.
The third year came and went which meant the game ended.

Final scores:
KV: 164
MC: 147
PH: 189
Interestingly, KV had most his points on the board and not much from his spells; PH had most his points from his spells and not much on the board; MC had equal amount of points from both, which were rubbish.

Well done PH!

Games Night 9th August 2016

Decided to break the mould and have a game on a Tuesday. Crazy! PM is introduced to Denis
This week we revisited an old favourite:
Small World
Not really a blow-by-blow type game to recount so here’s who and what:
MC: Started as Seafaring Sorcerers, became Soul-Touch Elves, reverted to Seafaring Sorcers and finished with Underworld Goblins. Final score: 81
PH: Started as Spirit Skeletons, became Peaceloving Trolls and finished with Behemoth Leprechauns. Final score: 85
PM: Started with Imperial Amazons, became Lava Halflings and finished with Mercenary Barbarians. Final score 112
Well done PM.
Small World

Next up was:

Denis was able to fit the mood for each season very nicely.

The End
Final scores: MC: 190, PH: 138, PM: 143