Games Night 5th October 2017

Just two this week.
We kicked off with:

by Games Workshop.
DA played the part of the aliens and MC played the fearless Blood Angles (with an Ultramarine on secondment due to exclusion of Rocket Launchers on the mission and someone had glued the Blood Angles’ rocket onto the marine.). DA chose mission 8 where the marines have to fight through hoards of aliens in order to get to the exit shuttle.

With the first of three boards left blank (and DA not realising he can add his reinforcements until much later on) the Blood Angels quickly scuttled his merry way along to the middle board.

Upon alighting upon the middle board, the marine’s scanners when crazy.
Much fighting ensued. Followed by much death. In a single turn both space marines armed with bolters were killed.
The space marine armed with the auto-canon was next to fall.

A genestealer pounced upon the hapless heroes but was destroyed before it could do much damage, only to be replaced by a second one that tore the plasma cannon wielding space marine apart.

Fortunately, the commander was equipped with a very handy personal shield that permanently increased his armour to 3, effectively making him immortal. The androids and dreadnought only appeared as the belated reinforcements.

With his trusty sword, he cut a swath through the swarms of enemy.
The reinforcements were finally added, but it was too late. With a final push, the Blood Angles commander crawled through the legs of the alien hoard and reached safety. Enough points had been accrued to score a victory for the Blood Angels…or what was left of them.

Next up was the customisable card game by Decipher:

DA chose the Klingons whilst MC went for the Federation.

It was a close-run game with no fighting whatsoever. The Federation scored 100 points first.

To round off the evening we finished off with two rounds of:

by White Wizard Games
Round one went relatively quickly and concluded with MC dealing 27 points of damage.

Round two was a longer game that saw DA well-protected by a constant stream of Outposts and getting the War World early. MC was knocked down to 2 Authority before finally being able to pound DA into submission.

Games Night 7th July 2016

With 4 players expected, PH and MC had to find something to do while AL and SF were delayed upon finding SF’s stolen bicycle chained to a fence one the way over. There’s a story involving the police, armed police, the fire service and a penknife, but that’s not why we’re here…

So, with just the two of us we had a quick game of:
King Of Tokyo

MC played as Boogie Wookie against PH’s Cyber Bunnie.
Boogie Woogie was first into Tokyo and dominated for a bit before slinking off to lick his wounds.
Boogie Woogie vs. The Cyber Bunny
Cyber Bunny wasn’t in Tokyo long, but was rolling some serious points. Boogie Woogie managed to grow a second head and gained an extra die but lost out in the end to the Cyber Bunny’s crippling final roll of five 3’s. One of these days we’ll get to play this with more that 2 players…

Next up came:
Star Trek CCG
MC saw red as the Klingons and PH felt a bit green with the Romulans. We used the pre-constructed decks that MC devised many a year ago.
After a quick appraisal of the rules – it’s been a long time since this was last played – the missions and dilemmas were laid out and play commenced. Both players suffered from an acute case of not being able to shuffle worth a damn. Finally usable stuff came forth and PH was quick to complete his first two missions before losing his entire away team to a wall of fire.
Romulans vs. Klingons
MC finally got underway and, though thwarted on a few missions, quickly completed a host of missions. Neither side were willing to undergo a combat situation. AL and SF finally made an appearance so Star Trek was quickly concluded in MCs favour as he was comfortably in the lead with only 3 missions available for PH to catch up with.


With the joint highest number of votes (2), MC had steeled himself with the prospect of playing something cooperatively.
So here goes:
Specialties were:
AL – Researcher
MC – Medic
PH – Dispatcher
SF – Operations expert
MC headed of to Europe to deal with the contagion there while SF travelled to South America and set up a fresh new Research Station and find the cure to the Yellow Lurgie. Soon, the world was safe with this now-extinct disease. MC soon found the antidote to Black Cubes and things were looking well in hand, until suddenly the Blue Screen of Death exhausted its supply of cubes and plunged the world into a permanent state of Game Over You Lose!
It's the Blue Screen of Death!!!