Games Night 18th January 2021

As we’re still in the Covid apocalypse, it’s another virtual games night via Board Game Arena.

Three of us again this time.

We had a slightly earlier start and so managed 4 games in total.

Rio Grande Games
This is a game I do enjoy a lot, but haven’t gotten around to picking up yet. I think this was the first ‘proper’ board game I ever played at a games night (i.e. not Monopoly, Cludo, etc.). Despite this, I generally play it really badly and stated as much at the beginning of the game.

It took a little while to find our way around the virtual game, instead of the job tiles the jobs were printed in tiny writing on the scroll in the middle. We also bemoaned not being able to place our building and plantations where we wanted to – the program placed them on our behalf.
Despite all that, I stayed true to form and didn’t do very well.
Final scores:
Malcolm: 26
Paul: 44
Phil: 40
Well done Paul!

Next up we played:

from Bombyx
A game I do own and have played quite a bit. Felt a bit more confident this time.

Phil was able to get his cards out pretty quickly, though it did get a bit close at the end of the game as to who would get the coveted green card. Phil did manage it, but Malcolm was able to play his 8th card on his final turn and take the lead.
Final scores:
Malcolm: 41
Paul: 33
Phil: 38
I won one!

Next up Phil introduced us to

from Eagle-Gryphon Games
This was a strightforward bidding game where we bid for properties then attempted to sell them for the best price.
I must say, I didn’t care much for this one. It’s fine as a filler I suppose but games like Powergrid and Five Tribes incorporate the whole game in just a small part of the gameplay.

Final scores:
Malcolm: 52
Paul: 76
Phil: 63
Another victory for Paul!

To finish off the evening we banded together to try to beat the novice level of

from Gamewright
Despite my dislike of cooperative games I did suggest we play this one. After all, I can’t lambast a game I’ve never even played.
We quickly got the hang of the rules and proceeded to watch parts of the island disappear forever below the waves.

However we persevered, and we all managed to get off the island with the treasures.

I must say that I prefer this over Pandemic – a game I’ve played a few times now and have never enjoyed. This is a shorter, which means if it all goes wrong, then it’s over quick but also had a good feeling of suspense when the flood cards were drawn.

I great evening of playing virtual games.

Games Night 27th February 2018

It’s been quiet lately, so I’ve changed the day to a Tuesday: 3 players this week…
This did mean PH was able to attend and he brought with him:

by Mindware

After PH explained the rules we played 2 games.

This is the final view of game 1 which MC ended by playing his final tile:

A cat joined us for the second game.


Game 1 Game 2
6 4 3 (Started) 6 2 3 (Started)
12 9 7 16 11 8
18 15 11 20 17 11
21 29 QWIRKLE 18 32 QWIRKLE 22 24
27 35 22 39 27 33
37 40 25 51 QWIRKLE 34 37
41 45 29 56 51 QWIRKLE 40
55 QWIRKLE 49 32 63 56 57 QWIRKLE
64 44 32 70 62 62
71 50 44 QWIRKLE 76 68 72
79 59 49 85 74 87 QWIRKLE
93 QWIRKLE 64 54 93 89 QWIRKLE 104 QWIRKLE
100 78 QWIRKLE 60 103 105 QWIRKLE 113
109 93 QWIRKLE 65 109 119 QWIRKLE 117
116 101 77 QWIRKLE 116 131 QWIRKLE 125
123 111 85 120 136 133
135 QWIRKLE 124 90 127 141 139
145 130 104 QWIRKLE 145 155 QWIRKLE 143
160 (Ended) 136 108 155 (Ended) 160 150
3 Qwirkles 3 Qwirkles 3 Qwirkles 2 Qwirkles 6 Qwirkles 3 Qwirkles

Next up we played:

by Bombyx

In which that long-suffering gardener did his best to grow as much bamboo as he could but was often thwarted by the hungry bamboo guzzling panda.

Final scores:
MC: 30
PH: 25
SC: 28 (Played all cards)

Games Night 8th June 2017

The week KV dragged someone from his work. A warm welcome to PW.
PW brought Rio Grande Games’:

So we played it.
We went for a random deck: Pawn, Steward, Mining Village, Duke, Minion, Torturer, Harem, Nobles, Coppersmith, Saboteur.
It made for an interesting game. KV and PW wasted no time in getting high currency early while MC didn’t seem to achieve much at all. KV invested heavily in the Pawns while MC went for lots of actions. The most convoluted turn belonged to MC who ended up with fifteen cards played and a total of 8 coins – the only time he managed such a large number. MC also caused a little strife with the only Saboteur purchased in the game. PW got very vocal about that card and how many VPs it cost him (8).

With the last Province claimed by PW the game ended.
Final scores:
KV: 18
MC: 15
PW: 43
Of course we had to let the new guy win…that’s what happened…

The next game was from ever-growing Asmodee.

The garden spread languidly across the verdant blue table surface, under the kaleidoscopic array of colours emitted by the lighting embedded it the wooden sides. The hard-working farmer toiled his utmost best to grow a tranquillity itself in the form or a beautiful bamboo garden fit for the Emperor. Only the bloody voracious panda thwarted him almost at every turn, the bastard!
PW quickly got some scored cards down but then realised the low value of them compared to what KV and MC played out. Power tokens were played where no power tokens were needed, bamboo was eaten that would have preferably been not eaten and garden tiles were placed to infuriate and block landscaping initiatives.

KV was the first to play the 8th card and won the acclaim of the Emperor and MC was able to complete his set of 8 on his last turn. PW got a bit grumbly with 6 cards.
Final scores.
KV: 35
MC: 41
PW: 23
What is this, MC winning something? It won’t last, I tell you.

To round off the evening we did a spot of haunting with Tinkerbot Games’:

After MC explained the rules we then proceeded to play the game in a very different way. For some reason this was never picked up until the following morning when this write up was being considered.
Instead of taking turns to move our ghosts one room at a time, we each instead moved all three moves in one turn. It made for a very strategic alternative that worked brilliantly. The ghosts did become a bit redundant though, and it was contemplating this that I realised that we’d played it different.
Having played it both ways, I’d recommend this alternative version as a decent variant on par with the actual proper way of playing it.

MC dragged behind for the majority of the game, with PW in the lead. However, MC took a major
catch-up couple of turns and the game finished at:
KV: 169
MC: 172
PW: 165
What a very close game that was!
Oh and well done MC. That’ll be your winning done for the next couple of months…

Games Night 9th February 2017

Just three of us this week.
Started off with
Had to explain the moving of the panda in a straight line “as the crow flies” isn’t a valid move.
Managed to grow a shockingly small amount of bamboo.
PH managed to complete his 8 cards first so won the Emperor card.
Final scores:
MC 36
PH 39
PM 30

Next up we had 3 rounds of
Game 1
MC managed to run himself off the edge of the board in 3 turns.
PM got eaten by a dragon
Game 2
PM got eaten by a dragon
PH fell foul to a new dragon jumping onto the board
Scary dragon moment
Game 3
PM got eaten by a dragon
MC chose to fall off the board rather than get eaten by a dragon that kept following him.