Games Night 11th September 2018

Three of us this week.
Kicked off with Days Of Wonder’s

It had been a over a year since last we played this so there was a bit of catching up with the rules.
Orders were chosen, boats were acquired and placed and buildings got, well, built.

Final Scores:
DA: 27
MC: 40
PH: 56
Well done PH!

To round off the evening we played to games of:

by Space Cowboys
In the usual fasion we collected gems and used them to buy cards which allowed us to buy more cards. That sort of thing.

The end results were:

Name 1st Game 2nd Game
DA: 13 16
MC: 15 5
PH: 9 9

How nice, everybody got to win a game this time round.

Games Night 7th September 2017

With the summer holidays already a distant memory, we’re back and playing stuff.
This week, we kicked of the evening with Days Of Wonder‘s beautiful to look at:

Boats were placed, strategies were carefully ruminated over, then twarted by the other players, buildings were…um…built and specialists were hired. We did find ourselves in an interesting situation when all 5 available buildings were the expensive special buildings.

Final scores:
DA (Blue): 21
KV (Purple): 30
MC (Orange): 24
PH (Grey): 26
Well done KV, who also managed to build the largest group of buildings.

Next up we played two games of Space Cowboys‘s multi award-winning:

Again there was much deliberation, so much so that SC wondered if we were all-right (we were so quiet playing this one). Gems were collected, cards were bought, cards saved up for were bought or reserved by others and gems needed were not available.

DA was victorious in the first game (and had been for a couple of turns before anyone noticed).
PH was supreme champ in the second game.
Good fun was had by all.