Game time: 2mins-1.5hours

The aim of Fluxx is to win.

Winning is achieved by having whatever the goal of the moment says you need to have, and not having whatever the goal of the moment says you shouldn’t have, unless are allowed it.

This is a card game where each player is dealt three cards and the play is simply to draw a card from the deck and play a card onto the discard pile.

Sounds straightforward.

Each card can potentially change the rules from how many cards you can draw/hold/play to what you’re supposed to have in front of you.

Players will collect Keepers which they keep face up in front of them in the hope that a Goal card that states that the winner is the player with those particular Keepers in front of them. Action cards can allow players to steal, swap or shuffle Keepers. Rule cards will literally change the rules. Creepers have to be played like Keepers (you do get an extra go though) and you can’t win if you have one – unless there’s a rule that says you can, or a rule that says you have to have one in which case you can’t win if you haven’t got one. They’re not easy to get rid of either.

The game ends when someone wins and the winner is the first player to…erm…win.

Sounds totally random, but is deceptively cunning.


There are a plethora of ‘expansions’, that are complete games on their own with different features. We have one:
Fluxx Cthulhu: – Featuring items and scenes from H. P. Lovecraft’s weird fiction plays the same as normal Fluxx. Extra features include Anti-Goals which if achieved means that the game wins DOOM! And Doom/Anti-Doom where Keepers and Creepers have a DOOM value (no not the FPS game from id Software). Make sure you don’t have too much DOOM.

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