The aim of Mag-Blast is to win.
Winning is achieved by being the last player in the game.
Game time 10-30 minutes.
Number of players – 3-6.
This card game comprises of 3 decks.
A command ship deck – of which each player gets 1 random card and the rest are left out of the game.
A fleet deck – of which each player gets 6 cards and chooses 4 of them
An action deck – of which each player gets 5 cards and are the most used cards in the game.
Each player places their command ship card face-up in front of them. Surrounding each command ship are four zones: red, blue, green, yellow. Players then place their 4 fleet cards in these zones. Each ship in the fleet is armed with a cannon of a particular size and colour. If the player plays a matching blast card and makes a spacy shooty noise, that ship fires. The rules are rather insistent on the noise – no noise=misfire! When a ship opens fire, it is able to attack one other player’s ship in the matching zone. If there is no ship in the matching zone, the command ship takes the damage. The amount of damage is listed on the blast cards and put under the damaged ship until the accumulation of blasts destroys it.
Instead of blasts, players may play squadrons provided the ship is a carrier. Squadrons act in the same way as blasts except they return to the player’s hand at the end of the turn – so do not do cumulative damage.
There are also various cards that deal extra damage or counteract various moves.
Extra ships may be purchased using action cards and then added to the current fleet with a limit of 3 ships per quadrant.
Players may move their ships from quadrant to quadrant according to the speed of the ships.
If a player’s command ship is destroyed (the total damage is greater that its health), that player is out of the game.
The winner is the last player standing.
A good game if you like making silly noises, a terrible game if you get all self-conscious about making silly noises in front of your mates. Being a knock-out game, players who get knocked out early, may get a little techy.

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