Suitable for 2 to 4 players though a 4 player game is best.
Game time: 90 minutes on average.
The aim of McMulti is to win.
Winning is achieved by having the most money over $1,000,000,000.
Losing is achieved by having less than $1,000,000,000 at the end of the game.

The game comprises of hundreds of little blue barrels (refined oil), hundreds of black barrels (crude oil), 1 blue die, a red die, plastic installations. There are also economy cards which affect the cost of installations and event cards that otherwise affect the game.
The printed board contains 4 islands in a 6×6 grid with blue and red axes (to correlate with the dice), four oil markets (2 black and 2 blue), 2 of which are common markets and 2 of which are foreign markets, and the international market in the middle.
Each player starts the game with one island, 3 black barrels, 3 blue barrels and $2,000,000.

To start with players spend most of their cash on filling their islands with three different installation typess: drilling rigs, gas stations and refineries.
Play then ensues with the following 3 step turn.
Step 1: Go to the market
In this step the player can buy or sell crude or refined oil from one market pair (either the two common or the two foreign). This is handy if a player has a surplus of one barrel type or needs extra barrels ready for their turn.
The cost of crude oil increases or decreases by $1,000,000 for each bought/sold and refined oil changes by $2,000,000.
Step 2: Roll the dice.
Once rolled the two dice are placed on their corresponding spaces around the player’s island. The two axes created by the dice are the affected areas on the island. Most installations are affected when ‘hit’ by a roll.
The installations are:
Drilling rigs: These cheap installations are only activated when hit by both dice in the same roll (the only installation that requires both). If this is done then the player may replace that rig with a pumping station at a cost of $10,000,000 plus an extra $10,000,000 for pumping stations already on the board, regardless of island.
Pumping station: For every hit, the player is rewarded with 2 fresh crude oil barrels.
Refinery: For every hit, the player may swap a crude oil barrel with a refined oil barrel (the only exception to this is if the barrel in question was also pumped that turn).
Gas station: For every hit, the player may sell a refined barrel to the international market. This is the only way to sell to this market, which can allow barrels to be sold for up to $88,000,000. For every barrel sold the value drops by $1,000,000. At game start the first barrel sold is for $26,000,000 (the only exception to this is if the barrel in question was also refined that turn).
Once the main player has finished with their island, the two adjacent players also have their islands’ installations affected by one of the die.
Stage 3: Installation shopping.
At this point the player may sell any installations hit or purchase new installations at the current price.

If a double is rolled, the market changes. This increases the value of the barrels sold at the international market and changes the value of the installations. A double 1 or 6 will also activate the effect cards which are either penalties or bonuses.

Once a player reaches the billion, it is announced. A final complete turn is played and then all installations are sold at the current price.
The winner is the player with the most money. Other players over one billion are considered to have succeeded. Players under one billion are liquidated.

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