Power Grid

The object of the game is to win.
Winning is achieved by being the player to provide the most energy for the most cities in the last round of the game.
The game comprises of:
a double-sided board showing a map Germany or the USA with the major cities highlighted and links between them
23 houses in player colours
Power stations – represented as cards.
Power resources: Oil barrels, lumps of coal, waste bins, uranium.

Each round consists of three phases.
In phase 1, each player gets to bid on a power station from a pool. Stations cost between 1 and 50 money and will provide energy based on specific resources bought on a supply and demand style track in phase 2. There are a few stations that use renewable energy and require no resources.
Phase 3 sees the player’s placing power plants in cities at a placement cost and linkup cost. The first station has no linkup cost, and every subsequent station must be in a linked city with the linkup cost being 0-20 money.
There are three segments to the game dependent on how many stations have been placed by the player with the most stations placed. In the first segment, only 1 station by any player may be placed in a city at the cheapest cost. In segment two, players may place their stations in already occupied cities at a greater cost. In segment three, a third station may be placed.
At the conclusion of each round, players spend their resources according to the conversion rate of resource to energy as stated on the power station card (max any player can hold is 3 different cards) and the number of cities being supplied. Money is rewarded according to how many cities are powered by the stations.
The game ends when a player builds the target number of stations (this is dependent on the number of players). The round is completed and the winner is the player how is able to power the most cities in this round.
Game time: 1-2 hours.

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