Games Night 10th January 2022

Happy New Year to one and all.

Apologies for being a little lax on my game night wrap-ups, but I got a bit behind, then further, then I was going to do a big half-year summary, then I thought, nah.

But, I intend to do better this year, and have a lot of gaming content planned. We’ll see what happens…

Anyway, let’s get cracking!

Three of us met up virtually via Board Game Arena and we played a bunch of smaller games, starting off with 2 games of:

by Space Cowboys.
Paul won the first game with 19 points with Malcolm getting 2nd place with 12 then Emily with 9.
Malcolm won the second game with 20 points with Emily in 2nd with with 14 and Paul being in the top three with 13.

Next up was:

From Repos Production.
This was the second time at least we had all played this simplified iteration of 7 Wonders. It’s got enough variety to the original to be it’s own thing but still feels true to the original. I’m curious to see what the components are like IRL.
Emily laboured on Alexandria
Malcolm had the Halicarnassos
Paul worked on Rhodos

Anyway, Malcolm was the one to complete his monument and thus end the game with the final scores being:
Emily: 33
Malcolm: 43
Paul: 50
Paul got a lots of points from his military.

Next up was:

From Catch Up Games.
Only the second time I’ve played this set-collecting card game and it was clearly enough, because I was the first to acquire six different bird species.

To end the evening we played:

From Blue Cocker
We played with the Christmas Lights expansion for the first time. A less-stressful one that the Ice Cream expansion I found.
Final scores:
Emily: 126
Malcolm: 94
Paul: 94
A cracking score by Emily and a surprising draw for the boys.
A great evening, everyone won something.

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