Ticket To Ride


The object of the game is to win.
Winning is achieved by having the most points, gained by connecting stations, connecting specific routes and having the longest train line.

The game comprises of:
A printed board featuring major cities and train links between them
Each train link is made up of 1-8 links coloured either: white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black or grey (each with a specific symbol for the colour-blind) segments. Some links have printed locomotives (a requirement for completion) and/or heavy borders around them (tunnels).
Route cards, 4 of which are given to each player, 3 short routes and 1 long one.
Train cards in a large quantity featuring all colours mentioned above excepting the grey but including locomotives (which count as wild cards as well as fulfilling the locomotive requirement in certain links).
Plastic coloured trains (24 per player).
Score markers in the player colours.

Each player is dealt 4 route cards and 5 train cards. Players can choose to discard up to 2 route cards if they feel that they’re unlikely to happen. Points are deducted at the end of the game for every incomplete route card, to the value of the route.
Five extra train cards are place face-up next to the deck.
Players take turns to make 1 play.
A play can be:
Taking a new random route card.
Taking two non-locomotive face-up cards (which are replaced by the top deck cards)
Taking two cards from the deck
Taking one face-up card and one from the deck
Taking one face-up locomotive
Discarding a number of matching train cards (and locomotives), and placing the matching number of trains on to the board on an empty link of the same colour connecting two stations. Grey coloured links are not colour specific but all cards discarded must still match.
Placing trains on a tunnel line, requires the top three cards to be drawn from the deck. For every card drawn (and locomotive) that matches the colour played for, an extra card of that colour must be provided from the player’s hand. If the link cannot be completed, the player cannot place any trains there and loses the cards in the attempt.
Points are scored for every link made, determined by its length.
Each player also has 3 station tokens which can be used to include a station in their route that has already had all the connecting links taken by other players. Each station is worth points if not used at the end of the game.
The game ends when after a player has less than 4 train pieces left and all players have had a final play. The player with the most points is the winner.
Game time: 10-20 minutes per player.

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