Games Night 17th January 2022

Four of us this week, once again via Board Game Arena
Due to a chronic case of indecision, we finally settled on:

from Space Cowboys
With a lot of expensive first cards, it took a little while to get going. The game came to the inevitable conclusion when Paul attained the 15 points and, being last player, immediately ended the game.
Final scores:
Emily: 11 (broke tie for second place having purchased less cards)
Malcolm: 11
Paul: 18
Phil: 9
Well done Paul, commiserations to Phil.
Next up we introduced Paul to:

from Rio Grande Games
Emily kindly explained the rules to Paul and we go going setting up that all-important postal service.

The final scores demonstrate just how much better Emily understood the rules than the rest of us…
Emily: 24
Malcolm: 7
Paul: 8
Phil: 6
Well done Emily, getting more than everyone else combined.
Commiserations again to Phil. Better luck next time.
Thanks again to everyone for a great evening.

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