Games Night 3rd February

No PH this week due to the nasty cold going round.
So that ruled out Pandemic and Trains.
Quarriors! and Small World were the top voted games this time around.
We went for Quarriors!
MC – Green
PM – Red
PN – Black
PN kicked off and, despite being new to the game, went on to a comfortable win.
Card were redealt, MC kicked off and PM, despite being new to the game, won round 2 – the Victory Incantation doing very nicely for him and attained quite early on (the only roll of 9 that game).
PN announced a desire to play something different in the time remaining so Fluxx was called forth. MC chose the original version.
Two rounds were played with MC winning both (ironically with the same Goal – having 10 cards in their hand).

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