Games Night 9th August 2016

Decided to break the mould and have a game on a Tuesday. Crazy! PM is introduced to Denis
This week we revisited an old favourite:
Small World
Not really a blow-by-blow type game to recount so here’s who and what:
MC: Started as Seafaring Sorcerers, became Soul-Touch Elves, reverted to Seafaring Sorcers and finished with Underworld Goblins. Final score: 81
PH: Started as Spirit Skeletons, became Peaceloving Trolls and finished with Behemoth Leprechauns. Final score: 85
PM: Started with Imperial Amazons, became Lava Halflings and finished with Mercenary Barbarians. Final score 112
Well done PM.
Small World

Next up was:

Denis was able to fit the mood for each season very nicely.

The End
Final scores: MC: 190, PH: 138, PM: 143

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